Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Practicum : As to date

It's been awhile I haven't updated this blog >__<"

Though there were some bumpy roads for me for the last few weeks - struggling with the practicum and all but Alhamdulillah, Allah is blessing me and people who are close to me with a prosperous Eid month this year.

As to date, my students are improving a lot and dah tak shy to speak in English during my class, though few of them are still weak dalam Grammar and/or Vocab but still they are trying. HOWEVER, lately ni the students tend to make loads of noises as if they are competing with each other - aku betul aku menang that kinda scenario lah..

I've learnt something from a good friend of mine: To be a good teacher, don't you ever underestimate your students. If you start to do so, you are actually underestimating yourself as well - meaning that you yourself are uncertain apa yang you bebel. As a teacher, you need to teach them no matter how hard it is for them to understand or learn. Imagine if your kids are not being taught properly at school..

As to date, I'm having fun teaching my students ^__^