Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Practicum : As to date

It's been awhile I haven't updated this blog >__<"

Though there were some bumpy roads for me for the last few weeks - struggling with the practicum and all but Alhamdulillah, Allah is blessing me and people who are close to me with a prosperous Eid month this year.

As to date, my students are improving a lot and dah tak shy to speak in English during my class, though few of them are still weak dalam Grammar and/or Vocab but still they are trying. HOWEVER, lately ni the students tend to make loads of noises as if they are competing with each other - aku betul aku menang that kinda scenario lah..

I've learnt something from a good friend of mine: To be a good teacher, don't you ever underestimate your students. If you start to do so, you are actually underestimating yourself as well - meaning that you yourself are uncertain apa yang you bebel. As a teacher, you need to teach them no matter how hard it is for them to understand or learn. Imagine if your kids are not being taught properly at school..

As to date, I'm having fun teaching my students ^__^

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Have you ever...?

Breakup? What is breakup? What does that even mean..?

Some people give the definition(s) of breakup as:
1. My life is incomplete without you! Don't leave me! I would do anything! Anything!
2. I swear that I would kill myself because my life would be meaningless without you!
3. I can't leave without you because you are my everything bla bla bla..
4. We have loads of differences, we can't be together..

What else..? 

What are the most common breakup lines that a hearth breaker would say to end a relationship?
1. It's not you, it's me.. I'm the problem one bla bla bla..
2. My feelings changed towards you ever since I moved here in UK and we don't talk much bla bla bla..
3. I am sick.. I need to set you free and let you live your life cause I don't want you to die with me..
4. You don't understand me ya da ya da ya da..

What else..? Well, you tell me...

And I'm pretty sure that you wanna get over your ex desperately which somehow you think it is impossible to do so.. I've been through that road and yeah it sucked like hell! 

How long did it really take for you to trust your lover? In my personal opinion, trust is the most important key of all keys in a relationship sebab with the trust, you are actually being honest to him or her, to others around you and of course to yourself juga! Somehow with the trust, you've got this one feeling of "I have commitments" and what not..

How would you feel if you found that your so called lover is cheating on you?! Well, I felt miserable and used. Haktui~ Have you ever wondered why he or she cheated on you? Have you ever wondered have you done anything wrong? Have you ever wondered all of the smiles, the laughter, the holding hands, the whatever the the lah kan, were actually fake! Have you ever felt like there was not enough room to breathe?

Well, fellas, I pun actually tak tau why exactly am I posting this.. Hahaha.. It's just that I have went through some rough times after a big breakup last year and few of my friends just had their breakups recently. I understand what they're going through rite now.. Just remember fellas, it's not you yang rugi! Meaning that our creator Allah s.w.t has a promising beautiful life for you.. InsyaAllah ^^

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

22nd July 2011 : It was my birthday

I was really flattered when I stepped into the class, the students were standing and sang a birthday song for me.. Suka ^^ hehe..

Year 3 Anggerik

Had a birthday dinner with the family. My Hero joined the dinner as well. We had the birthday dinner at Little White Cafe. The place - romantic ^^ hehe.. However I was kinda sad because I could not make it to my friend's wedding reception that night. Anyways, congrats to the love birds!

La Familia

Practicum : Day 4 - Day 13

OMG! It's been awhile I did not update the blog. Been really busy with work and all.. Anyways, it's been kinda hectic lately ni sebab need to catch up few things with the students and do some revisions as well.. Loads of ABM needed to be done.. Well, that's normal if you wanna be a teacher kan..

I have conducted few group activities in the class. I was not really sure kenapa mereka suka sangat when it comes to group activities and havoc sangat! Although I have told them to keep silence tapi still mereka bising.. Some of them made noises because they wanted to voice out their opinions to their friends, that one tak kisah because learning was going on during that so called "noisy" tapi ada few students made noises - bergaduh.. This one memang hard to settle. The only way to end "the fights" I told them I was gonna send them to the Principal's office.

Then I came up with few ideas:

1.  How to make the students silent and listen
Teacher says "Class, listen!"
Students clap twice with their both hands.
Students put one finger over the lips in a gesture of silence and make a sound of "Shuush.."
Students make listening gesture with one hand to ear without making any voices or noises.


2. How to control group activities
I named each group as Cadbury, Hershey's, Kit Kat, M&M, and Smarties respectively.
Each group has their own group picture - chocolate brands as mentioned.
Each group has their own cheer - really cute!
If they want to answer a question, they need to hold their group picture up high without making any noises.
Before answering a question, they need to do their cheer first.
Points will be deducted if they make any noises. 


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Practicum : Day 3

SEDIH because I could not proceed with my lesson for the day! They had rehearsal and training for their Sports Day. Boo-hoo... Was really excited to teach them, brought a realia, handouts and worksheets semua tapi semangat ku berkecai..

Got three relief classes today..

Year 1:
A girl bullied her friend till she made her friend cried. I didn't know what to do. They're only lil kids so I just told her to apologize and I gave a sweet to this friend of hers.. Then when the others saw me giving a sweet to the girl yang nangis tu, diaorang pun nak. Aiyak~ The cutest was diaorang semua mengadu about what had happened. Macam competition pula - whoever doesn't report to the teacher will loss..

Year 2:
Very active students Year 2 ni.. Played few games with them. Everybody wanted to be the one who gives the instructions and quizzes. And if tak pilih dia, dia marah! Whoa~ They said I was not being fair because didn't choose them. How was I to do so..? Mereka ramai and the relief was only for half an hour. When the bell rang, everybody was like "Alah..."

Year 6:
The class was really quiet even before I entered the class. I thought there was a teacher in the class tapi takde pun.. Sangat pelik tapi bagus class ni.. They were getting their homework done tapi macam tengah sit for a test:

Year 6

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Practicum : Day 1 and Day 2

So today is my second day in SK Serdang for my three months of practicum as an English trainee teacher. And sorry I didn't get the time to membebel about my first day (yesterday). Do I need to give the reasons why..? Tak perlu lah kot.. 

Anyways, let me share with you peeps what I felt and what I experienced on the very first day of my practicum:

1. Obviously every practicum teacher would feel butterflies in their stomach. Butterflies in stomach can caused gases sometimes kan.. Don't get so "eww" about it, it's practically normal. I know it's embarrassing and uncomfortable, but it's normal! Luckily I tak lepaskan apa-apa jenis gases pun! Fuh~

2. The teachers sangat the friendly! I like! They greeted you, they smiled at you, they even had a lil chit chat with us while we were waiting for the Headmaster that early morning. We (Nurul and I) were also being introduced during the assembly in front of the 1,000 students. Flattered hehe..

3. Students bila tau ada new teachers in their school, they got a lil bit excited. Maybe to them, they could bully us kot.. Or maybe they want to manja-manja with us ke..? And they could stare at you for more than 5 minutes! Usually couple yang bercinta would do that kan - staring at each other for more than an hour pun tak rasa bosan. Ok back to the students - they would not look elsewhere till you smile at them. Seriously! When you have smiled, they would smile back and baru lah pandang tempat lain..

4. We like our cooperative teachers! They are awesome! They shared with us about almost everything lah.. Saya suka!

5. Joined a meeting. They were discussing about the "Sports Day" that they're gonna held this Saturday at Stadium Uniten. Saya pasukan rumah Raja Udang! Wohoo!

On my second day of practicum pula:

1. Got a relief for one period only which happened to be the class that Nurul is teaching (Year 2). They were supposed to have PJ class time tu but the teacher was not around - had to settle few things. So I told them to do some simple stretching in the class. Most of them volunteered themselves to be the "instructor". Bagus betul suka mem-volunteer-kan diri sendiri! After dah buat stretching, we played some guessing games. I divided the class into two and throughout the games, they were really competitive. Group one gave quizzes to Group two for them to guess and vice versa. Almost every students volunteered and if you tak pilih dia, dia would be like "Alah teacher.." hahaha there was 38 of them and the time was really short - one period only!

2. I then entered a Year 3 class to begin my real lesson. Today I taught them Present and Past Tense. They are smart but a lil bit passive.. So I tried to break the ice by calling their names randomly. Agak terkejut lah their facial expressions when I called out their names. If they answered my questions correctly, I would ask the others to applause for their friends. Then from there, they started to volunteer in answering questions. Mereka suka kot when people applause for them..?! Then they were to complete an exercise. Most of them have done their exercise except for this one boy. I have tried giving him simple explanations and showed an example but he still didn't get the clue.. Then the bell rang lah pula kan.. Kesian dia, dah lah lapar and I asked him to complete the exercise pula.. So I just told him to complete question No.1 je.. If dia pengsan kelaparan, habis lah saya >.<"

Teacher Azureen & Teacher Nurul
(A week before the practicum)